About Soul Sophisticates

                                   “FOR THOSE WHO KNOW”

Remember when it was all about the Cars, the Clothes and the Music, well I can tell you that those days are well and truly back. We want to welcome the grown up Soul family to Soul Sophisticates, our DJs are highly experienced longstanding soulheads, playing the best grooves guaranteed to keep you on the dance floor. It’s a proven recipe. We take a large helping of soul, we add a good spoonful of RnB and a sprinkling of rare groove, we add a pinch of reggae and soulful house then we shake it up and you’ve got a fully baked great night out!

 The Trading House

The Trading House was chosen as the right venue because not only is it in the middle of the City and a really easy place to reach but it has more than a hint of Sophistication. The Trading House is near Bank and St.Pauls in the City of London and walking distance from Liverpool Street too.

Eclectically decorated mixing Art Deco and modern trends you’ll be stunned by the venue and the ambience. Downstairs is the main venue where up to 350 people can party hard and then upstairs we have a more intimate chilled area where you can just hangout and have a catch up over quality drinks whilst you watch all that happens down below.

Soul Sophisticates is for discerning people like you, who wish to mix a beautiful venue with the best DJs whilst enjoying the company of a more mature chilled out crowd. They say “as you get older you get choosier” but surely it’s just that we know what we like and how to get it!

Our next event is taking place on Saturday April 25th from 8pm until 4am, please come and join us in loving soul, dancing and life. Buy your earlybird tickets here

If you love Soul Music you’re a Soul Sophisticate.

Love Life                          Love Dancing                   Love Soul